Although it might start out as fun, running errands with your kiddos can be a lot more hectic than it seems. Whether you have one or five kids, it can be a struggle to get used to having your little one’s tag along on errands.

But, with a bit of organisation and some mummy hacks, you can keep things easily within reach and even have a fun time running around with your tots.
The next time you plan to step out with your kids, use these tips to help you stay organised and keep everyone happy as you run errands.


Plan and Organise

Running errands means you have a couple of places you need to visit before you head back home. When it’s time to walk with your tot, our pram organiser bag will ensure you will have everything you need within reach.

You simply attach it to your stroller using the straps for convenience or detach it into a handy shoulder bag when shopping, travelling or going to the beach.


Plan to always start with the furthest place on your list since kids are usually happier when they leave home and are likely not to complain when you take them for long drives or walks.


With everything within reach, you can keep them busy with some toys and a snack when they start complaining.


Pack snacks

Nothing makes kids grumpy and needy like hunger. A hungry child often turns into a grumpy child, yep they get ‘hangry’ just like us!  


Always have some healthy treats or snacks in your insulated pram organiser bag, so your little one has something to eat when hunger calls.


Often a full child will also ignore unhealthy foods since they already ate, saving money and tantrums when you refuse to buy them sugary snacks. 


If your kids are bigger, let them contribute by putting items in the cart and walking beside you, and to give their two cents on the best breakfast cereal to buy. You can even show them how to pick the right avocado or tomato.


Make a list

Knowing what section an item is in at the store will save you a lot of walking time. Also, you can avoid isles with toys if you know your child will throw a fit when they see something they like.


Another great hack is to tell your child what you will be buying and even allow them to carry the shopping list and tick items off the list. This makes them feel involved and important. If your tot is smaller, have a toy stashed in their pram caddy that will keep them busy as you buy the items you need.


Heading out and about with your kids doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these organising hacks, you can take your kiddos almost anywhere and have fun as you enjoy their company while taking care of your errands.

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